Flight Attendant Recruitment

Welcome to California Pacific Airlines, a new entrant Part 121 air carrier, actively engaged in the second phase of the FAA certification process.

We are presently looking for highly motivated, experienced and qualified individuals who are excited about the challenge of being on the ground floor of a new airline. Preferably, our applicants should have E-JET experience and/or time serving as a check flight attendant/instructor with a Part 121 operator. Additionally they must be willing to locate themselves in proximity to the Carlsbad area.

If you feel you want to be considered a candidate for a flight attendant position and are willing to accept the challenges that come with being part of a new carrier, please view the following requirements and submit a cover letter and resume using the link below.

Thank you for your interest in California Pacific Airlines.


Flight Attendant

California Pacific Airlines Requirements:

Preferred Requirements:



To apply for the position, please send your cover letter and resumé here.